Thursday, 15 March 2012


Beverley Knight MBE
when you gonna learn

Amid a sea of mediocrity, songs and records that sound like a swarm of wasps annoyingly buzzing around ones cranium it's good to hear someone with a voice. Britain's Beverley Knight has been around for quite some time, unflasily going about her buisness. The Brunmmie with the MBE's last album was an album of covers from the great British Soul scene of the late seventies and early eighties. A time when the British scene had it's own style and flavour. Her unpretentious delivery and the clean instrumentation make this a must have for anyone, like me, who can remember these tracks the first time around.

Cuddly toy

Fairplay-Soul II Soul
Sothern Freeez-Freeez
Mama Used to say-Junior Giscombe
Apparently nothing-Young Disciples
Say I’m your Number 1-Princess
When you gonna learn-Jamiroquai
Don’t be a fool-Loose Ends
Always and forever-Heatwave
Round and Around-Jacki Graham
Cuddly Toy-Roachford
Damn-Lewis Taylor
One more try-George Michael

Apparently nothing
say I'm your number 1

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