Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Carol Cleveland-Monty Python
Often under appreciated when compared with the male leads, these women played their part in the success of their collective programmes.
Pamela Stephenson
Pamela Stephenson-Not the Nine O'Clock news
Frances De La Tour-Rising Damp

Jane Eaves-Frasier

Amelia Bulmore-I'm Alan Partridge

Issy Sutie-Peep Show

Lucy Davis-The Office

Sue Holderness-Only Fools and Horses

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  1. Well done! Criminally overlooked women who often were the funniest thing on the screen. My eyes sparkle every time Frances de la Tour appears in any TV show or movie. And Carol Cleveland is definitely the seventh Python. Coincidentally a day before seeing your post I happened to pop in a Python DVD which included the SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC/SAHARA sketch and Cleveland's hilarious as the bubble-headed American starlet. "I'm a star! I don't get paid to act OUT of a trench. If you want someone to act out of a trench, get a goddamn stuntwoman! You crumbbun!" The Pythons themselves have said repeatedly that they SHOULD have given her more to do; sadly they felt they couldn't really write for real women but only Pepperpots. Cleveland could make the smallest part memorable.


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