Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Following on from my post about Frankie Boyle & Morgana, it's interesting to note that comedians like Stewart Lee or Jerry Sadowitz (who Boyle clearly wants to be like) don't have current TV shows. They both have had shows tucked away but obviously the Graduates who commission TV Comedy don't deem them safe or hip enough; idiots

stewart lee nature

Interestingly you can't find any clips of Sadowitz on youtube so here's as quote:

"The word "critic" is derived from Greek, meaning "one who discerns", and ancient Greek – "one who offers reasoned judgment or analysis". At the risk of sounding overly literal, there is nothing in the job specification that says "one who scribbles down all the best lines, accessorises a comic's set list with them as examples and calls it a review"

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